Confirmed: Mark Hamill Returning for Star Wars Episode IX

Mark Hamill Returning for Star Wars Episode IX - By way of a press release from Lucasfilm, it has been confirmed that Mark Hamill is returning to Star Wars

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guywazeldatatt87d ago

What a blow to Rian Johnson...TLJ is being retconned (they'll turn the final scene into a flash forward) and Disney is re-asserting control.

emiyaxtousaka87d ago

sorry but this could be good or bad. we're talking about the same guy that praised johnson's script...but they need Mark to bring in the box office numbers.

Mr_cheese86d ago

A blow? TLJ was not a good film, too many plot holes, bad characters and just generally aweful plot. JJ Abrams should have done the trilogy rather than skipping the middlea

emiyaxtousaka87d ago

What's sad is that this may get me to spend my money to see this. And I don't want to spend $17 if it sucks.

annoyedgamer87d ago

Don't do it, you can see the cameo on youtube.

guywazeldatatt87d ago

Interesting because you're right, it probably will be a cameo and Mark will be pissed as hell, again.

Carrie's "coming back"...that is not going to work.

Billy Dee! But Finn is the only black character in SW or the only one that matters.

Rose is back..ugh.

It's just. This film is going to be a disaster. Until KK is gone I'm not spending my money on any of the films. I'll buy games, but nothing from LFL in terms of books, comics, films, or any other merchandise. Not that they're actually selling those anyway.

Emme87d ago

Wasnt Mark Hamill done with SW ?

X-Alchemist87d ago

They must have wrote him a big cheque

guywazeldatatt87d ago

for a cameo. if so. I hope he tells us all how he really feels in the press tour. he has nothing to lose.

guywazeldatatt87d ago

after carrie's death yeah he was done and devestated. I think that it won't be a cameo, and people will only see this film for Luke, again. I think TLJ death scene will be retconned and it will be a flash forward to him passing on tattooine after bringing balance to the force like his father.

Anthotis87d ago

The best thing they could do for Star Wars is to retcon The Last Jedi. It laid the worst foundations for the future of the Star Wars franchise and is totally unsalvageable.

guywazeldatatt87d ago

luke's death scene will be.a FF. only retcon in my mind that really works. other stuff is just stupid af.