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Disney and Fox Shareholders Approve Blockbuster $71-Billion Deal

LA Times

Disney and Fox's concurrent shareholder meetings, which took place in the same Manhattan hotel, and the overwhelming vote marked a milestone in the more than yearlong deal approval process.

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ajax171523d ago

Please don't ruin Deadpool! That's all I ask!

PhantomS421519d ago

How many times do they need to say they aren't changing anything for existing franchises. Deadpool will be fine.

pixlz1519d ago (Edited 1519d ago )

They actually haven't announced how they're gonna handle any franchises. Fox said they weren't cancelling any of their own movies. And Disney's not touching the current release slate.

So... Dark Pheonix, New Mutants, X-Force? Probably the last movies in the current iteration of the X-Men Universe.

Disney/Marvel is definitely going to fold the Fantastic 4, Mutants, Celestials, Skrulls and everything else into their own stuff. The next Wolverine will be under the MCU banner.

About the only actor who has any chance of transitioning is Ryan Reynolds/Deadpool. Its the only one of their mutant franchises that Fox has been getting right. Probably the only one that fans would be vocally upset if it was changed.

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annoyedgamer1519d ago

It sad how more people are concerned about their comic book movies and less about the monopoly Disney is building.