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The Future of X-Men Doesn't Look Good as Disney-Fox Deal Closes In

With the Disney-Fox deal soon approaching, it's been rumored that the next films in the X-Men franchise are going to be canceled.

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SarcasticDuck1224d ago

Good thing for DP is that it kept itself isolated so it can be introduced into the MCU somehow

Deadpoolio1223d ago

No thank you...Deadpool does NOT need to be made PG-13 nor does it even need to be involved with the MCU....

Goldby1223d ago

They could use dp in replacement for Stan Lee when he parts.

He's a cameo anti hero anyways

PhantomS421223d ago

*Rolls eyes* apparently you missed the part where they said they wouldn't change the rating on Deadpool...

1Victor1223d ago

Wow what a load of crap the future of X-men is now brighter than ever I prefer Disney scrap all the fox in production X-men related movies and tv shows than end up with a crapshoot of movies that’ll damage the franchises beyond repair.

PhantomS421223d ago

Probably not a terrible thing. The current Xmen movies are in development hell with multiple delays and since X-2 there really hasn't been a good X-men movie. The First Class films are decent at best. Deadpool has been the shining star but I've seen a lot of people say these don't really count as x-men films even if they include a few. Wolverine movies were terrible until Logan and that had a lot of issues in the second half once they introduced the Logan clone.

PapaBop1223d ago

I hope don't reboot it again and keep the same cast at least.

Aldous_Snow1221d ago

So they should keep the cast set in the 1960s (First Class), 1970s (DoFP) & 1980s (Apocalypse) and somehow bring them into the present day MCU (let say 2020 before X-Men are introduced) without them aging a day in the 60 years since First Class started?

Better off rebooting and recasting the lot as story wise it would be a convoluted mess, just like it is now thanks to Bryan Singer & Simon Kinberg