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The Clone Wars Revival Shows Disney Has Lost Faith in Kathleen Kennedy

The Clone Wars Revival Shows Disney Has Lost Faith in Kathleen Kennedy - Kathleen Kennedy's days are numbered and The Clone Wars revival shows it.

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lifeistranger1230d ago

The only star wars piece of media i am not boycotting. love filoni!

guywazeldatatt1230d ago

I don't boycott, but, I will not be seeing any of the films until the shop is fixed. or rather Kennedy is gone.

TheSuperiorGamer1230d ago

I will boycott. She's ruined the ST. Lucas' idea was SO much more interesting. Finally, the Whills! But nope. Screw Disney.

guywazeldatatt1230d ago

This is my favorite animated series of all-time aside from Batman from the 90s. Filoni will, no doubt, disappoint. But what does this mean for Kennedy? heh. Bad news indeed.

-Foxtrot1230d ago

That picture shows what’s wrong with Star Wars

A person in charge driving the franchise with a forced agenda

guywazeldatatt1230d ago (Edited 1230d ago )

that's why it was chosen. I'm not on either side of the political spectrum but the agenda is so overt it's sickening.

annoyedgamer1230d ago

Disney has been pushing it hard. I saw a film in the Chinese box office that was produced in India and it featured girls with shaved heads wrestling boys, I couldn't even tell they were girls in the posters. I wondered how and why a film like that got so popular in Asia especially in Bollywood and China then I found out Disney funded it.

guywazeldatatt1230d ago

I had a commenter from Asia and he said the prevailing feeling there is that the new films are horrible. Remember, overseas box office numbers are huge. If they suck for IX she's gone. Remember merchandising makes more than the films. And no one is buying the toys or the blurays. I did buy them both on impulse and I wish I hadn't. I wanted to try to give it a second chance. It was worse than my worse showing.

MWH1229d ago (Edited 1229d ago )

This explain why it is screwed.

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Ristul1229d ago

Remember when Star wars was great? Good times…

guywazeldatatt1229d ago

make star wars great again...lmfao. and this is a joke to those who want to label me one side or the other.

pinkystinkinc1229d ago

if it doesn't say executive produced and created by george lucas i won't be watching

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