The Teen Titans Live-Action Show Doesn't Understand the Teen Titans

The trailer for the live-action Teen Titans show aired at the San Diego Comic Con. However, the characters in the trailer don't really resemble their source material.

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thorstein89d ago

It's called Titans, not Teen Titans... dumbass.

PhantomS4289d ago

They could call it "we will give you a million dollars every episode you watch" and it will still be complete trash. Literally, everything about the Teen Titans was completely wrong. Raven being a crybaby, Robin a psychopathic killer, Beat Boy only green when he transforms, everything about Starfire, no cyborg. Needlessly dark and edgy despite their movies failing for that exact reason.

Godmars29089d ago

Cyborg's been moved to DC's "main roster" and as a disabled character who was originally used to normalize disabilities, generally presented disabled people as "people" to the mainstream, will be sorely missed.

Godmars29089d ago

Neither does Teen Titans Go nor the first TT cartoon. Still they found their audiences over the complaints of the "original" fans of the comics.

That said, given the trailer, personally I'm giving the show a wide birth. Marking it as a negative towards bothering subscribing to DC where Young Justice and all of the other animated stuff are positives. Unfortunately, since they legitimize "Titans" by default.

steven83r89d ago

Does it matter what material it follows adults finally have a show. Everyone keeps complaining too much blood too much violence and then turn around and complain Shazam is for children Shazam looks like a comic. What the hell do you people want. If you don't like it don't watch it.

SarcasticDuck89d ago

Nobody wants goofy sh*t nor dark gritty. Just serious but sometimes humorous heroes who are truthful to the comics