Can The MCU’s Biggest Blunder With Spider-Man Be Fixed?

Ever since Spider-Man showed up in Captain America: Civil War, he’s come with his own set of problems. And there is one fairly big one.

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Garethvk1244d ago

The movie that made huge money and spawned a sequel? I bet DC and other studios wishes they could blunder like that.

BQ321244d ago

well, the sony movies spawned more sequels and made even more money so I don't really get what your trying to get across here. Plenty of DC movies have made huge money and spawned sequels. Pretty weak attempt at fanboyism lmao.

KillZallthebeast1244d ago

I actually enjoy them new spiderman. I thought Sony's amazing spiderman 2 movies were more fun, but you don't be american with asian studios.