BossLogic Envisions Epic Captain Marvel and Thanos Showdown in Avengers 4 Fan Art

EB: Photoshop Master BossLogic is back with another epic design for Avengers 4, which he is calling Avenge Us — I’d be down with that, plus check out his other Avenge Us concept pieces for good measure — and it features a showdown between Captain Marvel and the Mad Titan himself.

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cyclindk194d ago (Edited 194d ago )

Pic looks cool by itself. Showdown... **SPOILER** ... though I think the entire remaining conflict feels, on the whole, a bit stunted due to the rationale they gave to Thanos' actions, ... there just doesn't feel like there is as much of an imperative to undue his actions, or that he himself was all that intent on accomplishing them in the first place, too blasé. Overconfidence is one thing, but he was straight unconcerned with just about anything.