Will DC's Streaming Service End The CW's Arrowverse?

Ultimately, whether the shows on the other networks end up finding a home on the platform will depend on the success of DC Universe. That said, it's an exciting time to be a fan of DC Comics, so let's hope for the best here.

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Nodoze199d ago

I swear these companies are insane. Who in the world is going to pay for 4,5 or more separate streaming services? Do any of these companies have the know how to make a solid streaming service? Netflix is STIILL the king of this space and a large reason is both content AND the performance of their service. Even though they are using Amazon they do it far far better. Amazon Prime video streaming is crap by comparison. Same back end, vastly different front end and experience. Disney wants in the game, there is Hulu, Crunchyroll, and now DC?? I mean come on. Leave the service to the service providers. Offer them the content.