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Kathleen Kennedy is Destroying Star Wars and Needs to be Fired

Kathleen Kennedy is Destroying Star Wars and Needs to be Fired - After the disastrous flop of Star Wars and the fan divide over The Last Jedi, Kathleen Kennedy is not fit to oversee Star Wars any longer. She is destroying the legacy that George Lucas built.

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guywazeldatatt1247d ago

Honestly this whole situation is disgusting. Lucasfilm employees insulting fans, using expletives, on twitter on almost a daily basis? There is no precedent for this. Just because they don't like the new films and have legitimate issues with them. And it has nothing to do with race or gender. The Last Jedi was simply a horrible film. This schism in the fanbase and Solo's failure seems to be Bob Iger's last straw..

emiyaxtousaka1247d ago

Star Wars is dead to me. I only saw Solo because someone bought me a ticket and invited me and it was horrible. Personally, I won't see another SW film until Kathleen Kennedy is fired. As far as I'm concerned, everything after ROTJ is merely fan fiction.

guywazeldatatt1247d ago

Unfortunately the environment is so toxic that no one will touch the job. If Episode IX doesn't perform, and I think without Luke to market it it will (the only interesting new characters are Ben and Rey, but Ben is a poor-man's Anakin/Vader, in the words of Snoke). Finn was destroyed in TLJ. Alll his character development, simply gone.

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Aither1247d ago

The Last Jedi was so bad, it's no wonder Solo did so poorly. Kennedy should be fired for what she did to Star Wars, turned it into complete and utter trash.

emiyaxtousaka1246d ago

The defenders here don’t realize what a producers job is apparently. Solo lost money. Between marketing and reshoots, it’s a disaster. At least rogue one performed well

Nodoze1244d ago (Edited 1244d ago )

The best thing to come out of Lucasfilm since Disney is Rogue One. Seriously. At first I did not think this was the case. After watching there is no agenda. It shows the early stages of the rebellion and a direct tie in to Episode IV is brilliant. The last act is a utterly breathtaking. There is just so so much going on. Land battles, space battles, so so good.

TLJ was crap. Last Jedi was pure and utter garbage and was about a cruiser running out of fuel and somehow being able to stay just out of range....ridiculous. Oh yeah and also pissing all over the legacy of one of the most beloved characters in the trilogy. Luke Skywalker. It was an fing INSULT and a middle finger to ALL fans.

Whoever thinks Rian Johnson should EVER helm another Star Wars film (let alone a trilogy) needs their very soul examined. He seems to me to be a Trek fan that hated Star Wars and wanted to secretly destroy it.

Mission Accomplished Rian! DOUCHEBAG.

nintendoswitchfan1247d ago

Grace has connections. If that conference call happened Disney is very worried

Garethvk1247d ago

1st film over 1 Billion Dollars and huge Home Video Sales, Second film, same, third film, same. 4th film did not light things up but should still do ok once home video and other factors are accounted for. I would love to see the studio where if you said I will make you three 1 Billion Box Office earners and 1 that will make a small profit who would say nope, your gone.

guywazeldatatt1247d ago (Edited 1247d ago )

Blu ray sales and merchandise sales for TLJ are horrible and Star Wars makes more money on toys than anything. Solo is not making a profit, it’s losing a lot of money. It’s not just production, but marketing, etc.

Garethvk1247d ago

Moot point. Her 4 films have made almost 4 billion at the box office. That is what matters to the studio. She makes money. Now if Episode 9 tanks, then you will see a change but her record so far has been one of big profits for the majority of her projects.

guywazeldatatt1247d ago

It's not a moot point. Because that doesn't equate to profits. When you have to reshoot most of two films, and Solo had its budget doubled, coupled with marketing, and no toy sales and an extremely poor box office showing, you're losing money. Star Wars is not making as much money for Disney as you think. A producer's job is to get a film out on time an on budget. This is why Gary Kurtz was fired. Kathleen has shown she doesn't have the ability to do either. O n top of all the other issues .

Omnislashver361247d ago

Nah, you're destroying Star Wars. STFU and get a little life.

ninsigma1247d ago

I'm on the side that enjoyed the last jedi, however I'm done until the likes of Kathleen Kennedy and Rian Johnson are gone based on their comments outside of the movies.

guywazeldatatt1247d ago

I mean it’s fine if you liked it, I have no issue; everyone is entitled to their opinion. But if you look at how badly production went with these films and how the likes of Kennedy and Johnson are treating fans with legitimate would not find this anywhere else. So unprofessional

Omnislashver361247d ago (Edited 1247d ago )

Legitimate criticism, like how you make up story elements to defend your bad rating? Please. And "legitimacy" is subjective to begin with, quit pretending it's not.

guywazeldatatt1247d ago


-No pacing, all over the place, disjointed
-Luke, the one person who believes in the good in people tries to murder his nephew
- No character development other than maybe Ben, Luke, and Rey
- disregarding and retconning TFA
- Retconning all of Finn’s development in TFA
- Rey doesn’t get trained at all but is now just as skilled as Kylo who was trained by Luke and Snoke for years. They say it was bc of the mind link. That’s laughable.

Other things I’m not touching but these are legitimate criticisms and people have a logical rationale why they don’t like the film.

I respect the opinions of those who do and engage in civil discourse

I could go on and give you specifics too but I’ll never conv

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