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Another New Poster Surfaces For The Meg

Another new poster for "The Meg" has surfaced as the film gets closer to releasw.

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lorenzen431254d ago

This begs the question, why isn't Jason Stathom in the Jurassic World series, it would suddenly validate such a shite script

Garethvk1253d ago

I think it comes down to money. I remember something abut him at first not being big on being in this film as he had concerns about all the FX and did not want to be in front of a Green Screen the entire time. Then I am sure he saw who was in the cast and of course, they likely upped their offer and he was more than happy to sign on. Films like this can be tricky as although they use mostly CGI vs a mechanical shark, you have to contend with weather which causes all kinds of delays and of course being soaking wet all the time.

PapaBop1253d ago

What an awesome poster

Garethvk1253d ago

They have another one I added to the thread on the target page.