Brand New Poster For The Meg

Here is the great new poster for the upcoming “The Meg". The long road of bringing the book to the screen is almost here.

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BenRage3115d ago

I have no idea how good or bad this movie is going to be, but that poser scares the crap out of me. Literally my worst fear imagined.

Garethvk115d ago

They are ramping up production. The author has a new book in the series coming and his p.r. is active behind it. I like to see he is behind it not basically the well they took my story I got paid, and we will see what they do. His camp is pushing the new film hard so it seems as if the author is very much behind the film.

Sniperwithacause114d ago

If anyone could kill it, it would be him!

Garethvk114d ago

There are several books in the series so if the movie hits, you can expect more.

Majin-vegeta114d ago

I.recgonize that bald head anywhere...statham😂

Garethvk113d ago

It is like a Swim Cap in the water.