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Most Rewatchable Movies

A list of Most Rewatchable Movies. They may be your favorite movie or they are just that good. There are some movies that we always stop at and watch if I see them on TV. Below are the movies which we rewatched many times.

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thisismyaccount1254d ago

Terminator 2
Blues Brothers
Come and see
Hard to be a God
Die Hard 1 to 4
Indiana Jones 1 to 3
Aliens and theatrical release of Alien 2
The good, the bad, the ugly
Wild Bunch
American History X
Pulp Fiction
Donnie Darko
The Killer
A better tomorrow
Hard Boiled
Every foking Jackie Chan film ... til 2000.
Most Luis De Funes films
Great Escape
Point Blank
Blow Out De Palma
Apocalypse Now and Docu
Fast& Furious 5 .. the one in Brazil.
Guardians of the Galaxy 1 and 2 ...
... many more

BlackDoomAx1253d ago

Nice list, but it lacks comedies ( besides Louis de Funes ones ;)

FlyingFoxy1253d ago

Commando is a good film, i like that one.. well actually i like most films with Arnie in. I see it's only rated 6.7 on IMDB which is in the average range almost going on for a good score. This is just reminding me that i can't trust reviews that i see online because everyone has different taste.. I've personally seen at least a few films which i enjoyed and discovered later that they "only" ranked in the 6 range, and sometimes seen some in the 7 range which i thought deserved a higher rating even though it's good already.

oasdada1253d ago

Pulp fiction is on my top ten bedt movies of ALL time.. But i dont think its that rewatchable

BlackDoomAx1253d ago

Jackie Brown is the most rewatchable tarantino's movie IMHO.

PhantomS421253d ago

Forrest Gump wasn't even watchable the first time. Most of the list is fine but even the questionable ones like Home Alone or Terminator are far more rewatchable than the trash they call Forrest Gump.