The One Movie You Have to See before the Trump-Kim Summit

It’s on, it’s off. It’s on again, oh wait, it’s off. And finally it’s back on!
For weeks, the leaders of US and North Korea tease us relentlessly on whether they will actually meet for a momentous summit that will either go wonderfully right or tremendously wrong. Now that the date draws near and both US President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un have agreed to meet, it’s going to be exciting times ahead.
To put you in the mood for this upcoming summit, we’ve got just the political satire you have to watch before the Tump-Kim summit.

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SarcasticDuck1064d ago

If with "exciting times ahead" you mean WW3, i agree!

Deadpoolio1063d ago

Well atleast we'll all be dead soon when the brain dead orange moron playing President so he can scam as many shekels as possible for himself and the rich folk gets us into some sort of nuclear war...Hopefully it happens before he crashes the economy since stupid people don't pay attention to that while at the Das Trumpenfurher youth hate rallies...