‘The Last Jedi’ Star Kelly Marie Tran Has Deleted Her Instagram Posts

The Deadbeat Critics: "Kelly Marie Tran, who played Rose in Rian Johnson’s The Last Jedi, is the latest victim of the ugly, toxic underbelly of Star Wars fan culture."

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PapaBop1067d ago

"According to NME, this harassment seemed to stem from Tran being both non-white and non-male"

Riiighhhtt *Dr Evil voice*

I feel sorry for her though, she was actually great in her role even if the role felt unnecessary and possibly the worst kissing scene I've ever seen in a movie.

Eiffel1067d ago (Edited 1067d ago )

Right? "Let me just crash my ship into Finn so I can c-block his selfless sacrifice and condemn thousands in the background as I awkwardly suck his bewildered face" - Rose

PapaBop1067d ago

Allow me to rephrase that then, the worst romantic subplot I've seen in a movie.

-Foxtrot1066d ago

I feel this is more because of the hate she is getting in general, not to her directly but just seeing people discuss her character to each other online which she is looking at

Now we are being told it's because a shit load of people were throwing abuse at her directly...I'm sorry but while that's most likely true (it's the f****** internet, everyone gets shit thrown at them) I highly doubt it's as many as people are making out.

It's being used and twisted in a way to fuel that theory and how people are "racist, sexist and are just plain trolls" and it seems it's working as people fully believe this.

Put it this way, the director Rian Johnson must have had double, no TRIPLE the amount of abuse thrown at him and you don't see him throwing a fit and quitting social media. Want to know why? Because being a big shot like he is he understands people will talk shit online and he's getting on with his rich successful life. That's not me defending him by the way, he did ruin it and he's came across like an ass with some of his comments but still he's still around online.

I just don't know why people are twisting this

Omnislashver361057d ago

You can read the comments yourself. The fact you think this isn't possible is worthy of an eyeroll.

2pacalypsenow1067d ago

"According to NME, this harassment seemed to stem from Tran being both non-white and non-male"

Bullshit! There are plenty of non white non male characters in Star Wars, she just did a horrible job acting.

Lovable1067d ago

Her role and script was pretty bad in the first place. Can't supplement that cesspool with good acting regardless.

ChrisW1066d ago

She wasn't horrible.

Just as Lovable pointed out, she was given crap to work with.

Wagz221067d ago

For me, her character and the script written for her was awful. I feel bad that she got attacked enough to shutdown her account because that's just immature and ridiculous. If the majority of attacks were really because she's a non-white character that's repulsive and even if the comments were about how her character was terrible, you don't harass them. She, at least to me, was the Jar-Jar of this new trilogy which is a shame but it's unfortunately true. That casino segment will forever haunt me, like Anakin's acting in Clones.

1067d ago
Nodoze1066d ago

I have ZERO issue with the actress. I have MAJOR issues with the ridiculous sub plot and character she was given to work with. Rian Johnson is a jackass. He claims to be a fan, and did nothing but desecrate sacred ground. I am sure his new trilogy will be filled with social justice virtue signaling. Perhaps the first LGBT character so we can all rejoice...and in turn BOYCOTT. I am about done with Disney's vision for Star Wars. I have to say that I am about done with Disney period (marvel is the rare exception). Did anyone else notice the sub plot for Incredibles 2. Female empowerment. Male emasculation crap. It seems from the trailer this is also infecting Wreck it Ralph as well. Enough of this crap.

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