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Were Nicolas Cage's Ghost Rider Movies Really That Bad?

The first Ghost Rider film ranks up there with the first two Fantastic Four films as being briefly entertaining and nothing more. Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance, by contrast, strangely gets better the more times you watch it.

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b163o11044d ago

Yes......Yes they are. When he first turns to GR and the screaming turns to laughter, I literally lost all interest.

Deadpoolio1044d ago

The first film isn't that bad. You would have to be autistic to going into a Ghost Rider film that you were going to be getting Shakespeare or something. Its not amazing but its OK. The 2nd is without a doubt unwatchable from the $100 budget, to the acting, to the fact that it was shot in Romania....I guarantee that Edris Elba doesn't ever want to talk about it...

MasterChief36241044d ago

You don't have to go in expecting Shakespeare to see how horrible that first movie is. Are you funnin me right now, son?

Myst-Vearn1044d ago

The first one wasn't horrible though, just mediocre.

MasterChief36241044d ago (Edited 1044d ago )


It's clear we won't be agreeing on this, but I personally thought it was horrible. The pacing, the acting, the special effects, the story, the writing. Not a single thing about it was good. Not a single thing about it was mediocre. It was all terrible. I will say when he is the Ghost Rider, those scenes can be cool. But they are so few and far between.

The rest of the movie, focusing on his human form, grinds everything that was already bordering on boring to an even more boring halt. And do not get me started on that awful scene where we're introduced to... what is his name, Inkheart? It felt like a Twilight movie in the way it was shot, the color correction, and the awful "acting." I think a more appropriate comparison would be The Covenant, a movie that came out around the same time. And it is frustrating because I usually like the guy that played that villain character.

It was just terrible in every way. Except for parts of the Ghost Rider scenes, but again those were few and far between.

I'm not saying you have to dislike it. But I am curious why you don't see it as objectively terrible? You can enjoy movies that are objectively bad. I have some under my belt! But to not be able to see how it is technically, objectively, a bad film... that eludes my understanding.

Knightofelemia1044d ago

The first GR movie I didn't mind the second one was crap using Nicolas Cage was a bad call like Ben Affleck as Matt Murdock

Porcelain_Chicken1044d ago

I didn’t think Affleck was a bad choice for Daredevil at all. All the fanboys are gonna jump down my throat for this but I don’t see a huge leap between Affleck’s take on Daredevil/Matt Murdock and Charlie Cox’s take. Similar take one the blind lawyer, similar take on the vigilante right down to the raspy voice. The producers of the Daredevil Netflix series even told Cox he sounded a bit “too much like Batman”. To which he replied that there’s only so many ways you can do a gravely voice and accepted it. The only real difference between their respective takes on the role was the quality of their script.

Parasyte1044d ago

Exactly. The Affleck Daredevil could have been really good if the writing had been better.

WizzroSupreme1044d ago

Of course not. It's like the rest of his filmography — not half as bad as the trolls make it out to be. People ought to grow up.

Deadpoolio1044d ago

NO....Spirit of Vengeance is god awful and should have never been made..90% of his films after at the very least the 1st Ghost Rider are God Awful.....Even he has the balls and brains to admit that the 2nd half of his career is god awful, thats what happens when you owe the IRS hundreds of millions of dollars and spend your money like you don't have to worry about it....The only decent films he's made are from about Ghost Rider 1 and back everything forward is trash made to pay his debt.....

LinkMaster64X1044d ago

Not all his movies after GR1 are trash, Joe, The Croods, Knowing, National Treasure: Book of Secrets and Pay the Ghost are good, give the man some credit.

LinkMaster64X1044d ago

Compare them to these and get back to me:
Suicide Squad
Fantastic Four (2015)
Green Lantern
The Green Hornet
The Spirit
I, Frankenstein
Jonah Hex
Punisher: War Zone
Inhumans (It got a theatrical release)

mafiahajeri1044d ago

I'm just happy Nicolas cage wasn't cast as Aragorn in LOTR, Imagine the horror...