Black Panther's Shuri Is Officially A Disney Princess

Letitia Wright has just learned that her character Shuri, T'Challa cheeky little sister and technical wiz, is officially a Disney Princess.

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XisThatKid504d ago

I've been asking this for a while. This is the best news all day

ZaWarudo504d ago

Huh, that does make sense.

The_Blue504d ago

So doesnt a talking mouse who best friend is a dog with a pet dog.

2pacalypsenow504d ago

What about Black widow, Nakia and Okoye? Why not make every female in a Marvel movie a Disney princess?

Lord_Sloth504d ago

Shuri actually is a Princess though. Okoye, Widow, and Nakia are soldiers.

PhantomS42504d ago

Does this make her the first non-animated Disney Princess?

thorstein500d ago

Maybe, but Belle and Aurora have since had non animated titles.