Jamie Foxx Set To Star In Spawn Reboot Produced By Blumhouse

The anti-hero from Hell emerges.

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GrimDragon1287d ago

Look at omari hardwick and tell me that's not spawn. Jamie freakin fox! Really!?

1287d ago
MWH1287d ago

Jamie is a good actor but he is no Spawn. a terrible miscast in my humble personal redundant opinion.

Porcelain_Chicken1287d ago

They probably wanted the star power. Sad but the most likely scenario :/ I’m not digging this choice

Bobafret1287d ago

Jamie Foxx did exude plenty of menace in his role for Baby Driver. Let's wait and see.

MWH1287d ago

That was a different kind of menace. Beside, he does not have the physic much like Brolin as Cable. But then again, the Star Power hit or miss card.

badboyz091287d ago

NOOOO!!!!!!!! I waited over 20years for Jamie!!!!!!!