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The Last Jedi is Still Horrible

Despite time marching on, The Last Jedi is still horrible. It has no pacing, it butchers Luke Skywalker as a character, and it doesn't follow through on the promises made in The Force Awakens.

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guywazeldatatt1287d ago

I thought time would help but this film is still awful

emiyaxtousaka1287d ago

I'm not bothering to see SOLO. I'll see IX but that's it. Then I'm done.

guywazeldatatt1286d ago

Solo is a boxoffice disaster. maybe a good omen but after the behind the scenes shennenigans I want nothing to do with it..

-Foxtrot1286d ago

Solo is okay but the main guy didn't play Han very well, made him slap stick instead of the character we fell in love with during A New Hope. Lando's sexuality was touched upon which is not something which should have even been needed and the entire story didn't have any tense parts as you knew they were never in danger.

However because of the Last Jedi, the film is coming across as better then it's good just not something you'll remember. The reveal at the end is the only "Holy Shit" moment in it and you'll see why when you see it.

The 10th Rider1286d ago

The timing of the cannon in this scene is almost comedic:

She literally stops him from saving what he loves and then says you win the war by saving what you love right as the cannon blasts into the small group of resistance fighters that are remaining. I can't believe that made the cut in the final film.

-Foxtrot1286d ago

I don't know how people can defend and justify it...I mean the white knights towards the film who will defend it to death think people hate it for "no reason" and will laugh off every legit point you make about it. I don't know how you can when it's just one thing after another.

I hated the Force Awakens and the direction it took the sequels considering all the ideas, theories and the like people speculated about for years about where they could take the franchise but I could appreciate the plot points JJ Abrams scattered throughout the film to be expanded on in the next two films. Instead Rian Johnson ignored or ruined all of them and has put JJ in a tight corner for Episode IX...I can't honestly see where they can go now considering how much The Last Jedi has screwed everything up. I mean we'll probably get an okay film but most of us will end up looking back and go "this trilogy was handed so badly after the decades of build up, we could...we SHOULD have had better"

The worst part is despite all that and even how TLJ has affected the Han Solo film with poor box office numbers they are still giving Rian Johnson his own trilogy to do. Do they honestly think people are going to get excited for a film with his name attached? Are they stupid? Meanwhile Rogue One is the best modern SW film Disney has made yet they've not offered Gareth Edwards anything.

rutgersfan281287d ago

Tired of SJW crap in Star Wars. Hear solo is more of the same

emiyaxtousaka1287d ago

is not necessarily about SJW stuff the film was just bad.

guywazeldatatt1286d ago

yeah I don't care what ideology you adhere to the SJW talking points being shoved down our throats is despicable.

PapaBop1286d ago

There is basically an SJW droid in the movie, other than Rey being a Mary Sue, I honestly never saw the SJW connection with the new movies but after watching Solo, I can finally understand the Darth Kennedy stuff.

-Foxtrot1286d ago

Lando and his sexuality being a talking point...that was not needed at all.

Bobafret1285d ago (Edited 1285d ago )

The main SJW element would be Lando's droid L3-37.It has some very cringe worthy lines about revolution and slaves, droid rights blah blah. Also the Enfys reveal was a rather SJW moment. We now also know that Solo helped out the Rebellion by donating the loot from the Kessell run. Why did they have to connect Solo to the early rebellion? It is so dumb that I nearly walked out.This must be the tiniest galaxy in the universe.

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TheSuperiorGamer1287d ago (Edited 1287d ago )

George Lucas would have done so much better.. than this pile of crap.

guywazeldatatt1286d ago

I love the prequels so I agree.

-Foxtrot1286d ago

The issue with George is that he has great ideas, input and the like but can't write for shit. If someone else wrote Episodes I-III then they would have been great.

killbillvolume121286d ago (Edited 1286d ago )

I still have no idea why Disney is not giving us Sith vs Jedi it's what made starwars so great. ALSO Solo i really enjoyed it and would rate it 8/10. Yes there is SJW cancer in it but I just rolled my eyes and continued eating the popcorn and enjoying the film. If you actually see the reactions of the people hearing the SJW robot in the film they are rolling there eyes at her. So i watched a video and it got me think what if the robot is mocking Kathleen Kennedy.

guywazeldatatt1286d ago

that would actually be fantastic!

The 10th Rider1286d ago

Give us the dark story of Darth Palagius. Make the tagline "It's not a story the Jedi would tell". Lol.

bloop1285d ago

Disney took the whole ethos of the Jedi and Sith and threw it in the thrash along with a lot of other things in the Star Wars universe in TLJ so I doubt we'll ever see any feature films regarding that now.

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