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Troll Inc. Review | Geekisphere

The avant-garde has moved online, and they have an agenda. Coming from deep within computer programming culture, Internet trolls are pissed off and using the click-bait obsessed mass media to propel their movement into the mainstream. Influencing presidential elections, manipulating journalists, inventing meme culture, trolls are either our saviors or driving our culture off of a cliff. Prosecuted as a whistle-blower by the Federal Government, Trolls Inc. follows the world's most famous Internet troll, Andrew “Weev” Auernheimer, and his legion of cultural saboteurs as they take on corporate America, the media, and political-correctness.

Check out Geekisphere's comprehensive review of Troll Inc., starring Andrew Auernheimer. The film was released by Virgil Films & Entertainment on May 22, 2018. Preview artwork included.

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