5 Other Potential Star Wars Movies That Can be Made

As everyone’s favourite scoundrel, a Han Solo origins story makes sense. After all, aren’t we all curious about how he pulled off that 12 parsec Kessel Run, or how a Wookie could be so devoted to a man he could easily crush, and just how did a charming fella like Solo ended up being an infamous smuggler? With Rogue One in 2016 (Felicity Jones) and Solo: A Star Wars Story (Alden Ehrenreich) spelling success for the Star Wars franchise, here’re five other film ideas that we’d like to see made.

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Nodoze146d ago

Just got back from Solo. Went in with ZERO expectations. Came away with a smile. It was not as bad as it is being made out to be. It is MUCH better than the trash that was Last Jedi.

Bobafret143d ago

These are all awful ideas. Let back story be just that, stories. I don't need to see every granular detail of Star Wars fleshed out. Is it so hard writing new characters that are in no way attached to the old ones? And I mean a part of the galaxy that has never heard of an Empire or First Order or even Sith or Jedi.