Why CW's Arrow Should End After its Seventh Season

The CW's Arrow had a great start but lately has not been able to keep up with the quality it once had. Perhaps it's time to bid adieu to the emerald archer, and give more focus to its sister shows The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow.

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SarcasticDuck145d ago

Because every DC CW shows s*ck! Arrow started good because it was an origin show like Gotham is, but even after 5 or 6 seasons, Oliver hasn't learned from his mistakes and even when it seems he did, he ends up commiting them again in the next season. There is zero character growth!

Plus, every show seemingly needs to have a team around the hero with a useless sidekick with the same abilities as the hero, a homosexual, an annoying girlfriend, a character that everyone loves in the comics but hate in the show, a cop and a hacker who thinks (s)he's funny! Come on, check it (haven't seen Black Lightning but i bet it checks a lot of this boxes in just one season).


Funny enough, Black Lightning DOES check most of those boxes lol.

Say what you'd like about season six, but I LOVED that episode where Diggle and Oliver fought. That scene was incredibly well acted. Easily the most memorable scene for me in the show's history.