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Solo Isn't 'Necessary' - But Neither Is Star Wars


One of the more common critiques of Solo: A Star Wars Story is that it isn't a narrative that "needed" to be told, but the same can be said about every installment in the famed franchise. When Lucasfilm first officially confirmed Solo back in the summer of 2015, it was the new Star Wars film met with the most trepidation. Despite the prequel trilogy's improved reputation in the past two decades, the fan base still has a shaky history with origin stories of beloved characters, and this one had the added wrinkle of recasting Harrison Ford as the iconic smuggler.

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level 360149d ago

It was too predictable with some ok to nice moments.

Bobafret149d ago

Solo isn't necessary...should have ended it there.

whitesky149d ago

What a bullshit premise.. none of the other Star Wars were necessary? They are the actual main arc that Lucas himself planned nine films originally. While I'm not bashing Solo, it is just a side spinoff about one character. It isn't a prequel or sequel to anything. Stupid logic.

KwietStorm149d ago

lmao what a faux apologetic headline

meshowz149d ago

then why label an unnecessary movie with the name of another "unnecessary" movie?