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Best James Cameron Movies

This is a list of Best James Cameron Movies. James Francis Cameron is a Canadian filmmaker, philanthropist, and deep-sea explorer. James Cameron net worth is estimated at $700 million. Titanic and Avatar movies are on top of this list.

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MoonConquistador151d ago

Absolutely tragic. From the guy who gave us The Terminator and Aliens and these two films top the list. WTF

MasterChief3624151d ago

More tragic is that Alita: Battle Angel is on there when it hasn't even released. Terminator: Genisys is on there despite not being involved with it at all (aside from a writing credit, but the vacuous kind about characters written by him). And Piranha II is not the bottom of the list. These are all more tragic than the top 2 being his most well-known films.

I thought Avatar was fantastic. The imagination on display in the world and set-up is tremendous. Yes, the story is formulaic and it boils down to Pocahontas or Dances With Wolves but replacing the Native Americans with Na'vi, but I think the imagination of everything else supersedes that narrative banality.

I'm not sure I've ever heard anyone mention disdain for Titanic... maybe it's because it was everywhere in 1997 and some people got overexposed. I honestly cannot see why Titanic would be considered a formulaic or bad film in any way. I think it deserves its spot on the list, even though I think the writer of this article just vomited all the James Cameron movies up there without researching them at all (evidenced by the inclusion of the aforementioned Terminator: Genisys and Alita: Battle Angel)

Bobafret150d ago (Edited 150d ago )

Cameron should just stick to producing and creating new tech. Much like Ridley Scott, his best days as a director are gone.