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Will Disney Ruin Obi Wan In His Rumored Movie?

There are reports that the much-rumored Obi-Wan movie is now being made. For the most part, this is rather unsurprising because we know that Disney wants to release one Star Wars movie on an annual basis for the time being, meaning that it needs spin-off movies to sandwich and be sandwiched by the main installments. Since Disney made a spin-off movie centered around Han Solo, it made sense that it would look into spin-off movies centered around other fan favorites such as Obi-Wan Kenobi and Boba Fett. However, there are now reports that development has started on the much-rumored Obi-Wan movie, though interested individuals should remember that for the time being, this is based on reports rather than an official announcement from Disney.

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darklordzor1298d ago

I don't think my eyes will roll back any further into my head...

DillyDilly1296d ago

Most likely & likely also make him gay