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How The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air Got Started

Neocrisis - Will Smith explains how exactly the cult hit, The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air, was started. He also explains how you can be both famous and penniless at the same time.

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thisismyaccount1594d ago

He´s got luck on his side that simple. While his movies aren´t all bad ...all i can say with confidence that he can´t act for shit due how he looks. He got no face to be taken seriously, in any drama film. Nobody believes believes he could be or play Rambo, Terminator or McClane ... he simply got no face for acting. He looks to me, as the real life version of Goofy (better looking than his comical counterpart).

Again he´s lucky, he got famous for his 90s show and nothing else pretty much. I mean, where is Al Bundy! Or PeggyBundy (it took her years to get away from said sexy image).

Will had his 15min long time ago (with TommyLee Jones, Indepence day 1 and latest of his i´m legend, imho an underrated film). his son is a weirdo and his loevly wife hasnt done anything in decades i think. He jumped on the right train, the prince of belair train.

ChrisW1594d ago

He has some decent acting skills... But you're right about his face.

As Deadshot, he looked as out of place as a hillbilly in a gangsta rap video.