Infinity War Character's Final Line of Dialogue Revealed

Infinity War Character's Final Line of Dialogue Revealed - Guardians of the Galaxy director, James Gunn, has revealed the gut-wrenching final lines of a beloved character.

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guywazeldatatt255d ago

This is actually so cool. And insightful.

emiyaxtousaka255d ago

God Infinity War was so amazing and this makes it even more tragic if I thought it was possible.

lifeistranger255d ago

"I am Groot!" That was such an amazing moment...

thejigisup255d ago

Not gut wrenching at all. I feel like the last 10 minutes were the weakest in the film. Don't get me wrong, phenomenal movie. Just saw it in 4dx at regal near union square and I'd definitely see it again. But I felt nothing when they all got "erased" or whatever. Maybe it's the comics that have me a bit jaded here. I know I shouldn't compare the comics to the film franchise. I'm hoping for some serious things to happen with the next bout of marvel films.