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The Predator (2018) Screenplay Details Leaked, And It's Bloody Disappointing

Seems like more disappointment is in tow.

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masterfox1303d ago

yeah saw yesterday it was effing horrible.

PapaBop1303d ago (Edited 1303d ago )

Honestly you could tell it was going to be crap from the trailer. When they had the opening bit with the kid opening the package and having to check the trailer name so that it wasn't confusing it with the latest childs play/Chucky movie. I knew then that it'd be rubbish if they went in that direction with the kid being a leading character, now they're going to make him an autistic kid too? You see movies nowadays throw in bits like that as they try desperately hard to turn the film into a good story and it almost always falls flat on it's face.

MWH1303d ago

lol it happened to me too, i checked the title more once during that sequence.

It's a mess.

ZaWarudo1303d ago

"From the director of Iron Man 3" didn't inspire a lot of confidence.

Parasyte1303d ago

I highly doubt that is true. That "script synopsis" seems like it was written by a barely literate, basement-dwelling, neckbeard that is craving attention.

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