New Clips From Solo: A Star Wars Story

A new series of clips has arrived for the latest Star Wars film.

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Garethvk258d ago

It is funny all the people bashing this and saying they will Boycott, yet the advanced ticket sales crushed Black Panther and are second only to Infinity War. I bet people will be complaining as they exit the cinema and get back in line for the next showing just like Comic Book Guy.

PapaBop257d ago

A movie based on Han Solo was always going to outsell a movie based on Black Panther, Infinity War is a different beast as Marvel have spent like the last decade building up their movie catalogue leading up to this film. You're right though, Star Wars fans will bash the Disney stuff all over the internet yet will be first in line to watch the movies.

The 10th Rider257d ago

Star Wars typically has much higher presales than Marvel movies. It's also heavily weighted domestically.

The news about the predicted opening weekend numbers and the presale tickets is pretty much in line with most box office predictions. It'll probably end around $850M, more if the lead nails it or the film gets good word of mouth, less if it's trash.

Garethvk252d ago

It was good. Starts slow but is a fun adventure with lots of nod to other films and the Expanded Universe.