Kylo Ren is the Star Wars Villain We Deserve

While there have been numerous different types of antagonists throughout the movies, Kylo Ren is exactly the Star Wars villain we need—and deserve. Here’s why.

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masterfox321d ago

a spoiled kid? , Star Wars a new low I see

Jaypi03320d ago

Is he really spoiled though? His father was barely there, I can't speak for his relationship with his mom as they never fleshed it out, but his mentor tried to kill him which probably tore him up inside, and though his skills with the dark side he was able to rise in the ranks and given control of a lot.

But i don't know if he's really spoiled. I say he's more emotionally troubled.

NewMonday320d ago

the narrative for the new generation is messed up and doesn't have any sort of cohesion, whatever good is from the great cast who try to do the best with the material they have.