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Wakanda Fury: Some Viewers Are Upset About How Black People Are Treated In Avengers: Infinity War

Despite the overwhelmingly positive feedback for Avengers: Infinity War, there are some who feel that there wasn't enough attention given to Black Panther, Falcon, Nick Fury, and War Machine.

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rdgneoz31309d ago

Vision has a stone, Strange has a stone, Hulk and Thor are fighting Thanos at the start and get beat which sends them to warn others. Wakanda isn't that important to Thanos because he only wants the stones (not any of their resources) and his children only go there to get Visions stone. He hits other places before Wakanda only for the people holding the stones there... Fury hasn't been around in a while, and War Machine and Falcon have always been side characters (not the stars like Iron Man and Capt).

Deadpoolio1308d ago

Rhoadie was a main character in Iron Man 2 and 3 and sure got alot of screen time in Civil War aside from being a major plot point in the 3rd act, with his injury from Vision not paying attention giving them a reason for him not being around much....Sam Wilson sure as hell IS a main character between all the screen time he had in Winter Soldier, Age of Ultron and, Civil war.....Not sure why white knights always feel the need to poorly try and "debunk" everything just to make a worthless fact less counterpoint.....The only thing your right about is Nick Fury, and who knows what they're doing with Fury seeing as he's not been anywhere since Age of Ultron

KingPin1308d ago

wow, add em in, they not main enough. leave em out, racist. make them the main characters, they go against the source material and the fanboys will go crazy.

good luck pleasing everyone all at once. people complain over the dumbest shit sometimes.

Count_Bakula1308d ago

My favorite is people trying to get the HBO show Confederate cancelled. People are now making demands to have fiction removed, to not exist, instead of just just choosing to not watch. It's truly insane, selfish, and weak.

OffRoadKing1308d ago

Got a whole movie and yet. lol, it just never ends.

Sitdown1308d ago

Thanks for proving their point.

OffRoadKing1308d ago

What point, that they're never happy about anything and do nothing but complain?

Jayszen1308d ago (Edited 1308d ago )


While I disagree with the complaint, I disagree even more with people like you who always refer to other races in terms of 'they' and 'us'. You say "they're never happy about anything and do nothing but complain" - you would too after your race and has been first enslaved for 400 years and still being treated as second class despite everyone being 'equal' in civilised society. Black and Asian countries were colonised and their resources stolen. The people were treated poorly in their own countries and then in ours when we first forced them to come here. Even when we invited them we still treated them like shit. Even now in the USA, Black, Hispanic and Oriental people are treated as second class citizens by many of 'us'. Blacks are shot when unarmed, ejected from places like Starbucks for nothing other than being a different skin color.

Why are the bulk of heroes always white and non-white superheroes are always the 'friend' or 'the sidekick'? It is only Panther as a superhero character that has really being shown as equal and got his own movie.

If non-White people are always complaining, it is because they are more often than not being treated less than equally.

Learn some history, learn about various and try and understand them. Then maybe you will stop making blanket statements like "they're never happy about anything and do nothing but complain".

OffRoadKing1308d ago

You're not oppressed, no one you know is oppressed. Things will never be better because people like you always want to dwell in the past and use it as excuse to complain FOREVER. Stop your crying, its gotten really old now.

1308d ago
OffRoadKing1308d ago


You're a whiner and a race card player and the real reason why theres an issue in the first place because if everyone doesn't kiss your you know what and pander to your ever demand then you claim they're a racist. What does more screen time for black people in Avengers have to do with "poor minority communities"? Perhaps if you people made some effort to do something about those "poor communities" instead of moaning anytime black people don't get enough screen time in a movie things would be better for those communities you speak of. Learn to prioritize and stop claiming everyone's a "racist" because you dont want to deal with your own problems.

Newmanator1308d ago

I was agreeing with you until the "you would too if..."

dcbronco1303d ago

Not being racist because I'm black which means I can't be racist. That's bs by the way. The idea black people can't be racist. But isn't this 30 year old source material? Do they even go to Wakanda in the source material or was that added on account of Black Panther potentially being a multi billion dollar franchise now. Comic books target a particular audience. For decades that audience was white kids. And though it isn't said maybe deep down inside white people cry that when they look at the screen they want to see someone who looks like them. No one complains about not having enough white characters in Wayans brothers movies unless they're played by Wayans brothers. Two white guys, Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, made a lot of black characters even when there wasn't inclusion. Stop bitching because 15% of the population doesn't get 50% of the screen time. You don't hear women bitching and they deserve to more than black people. Even oppressed black men beat their wives. I bet even slaves would slap a hoe sometimes. Oh the irony. So please stop crying all the time. Oppressed inventors of pimp culture.

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1308d ago
Sarcasm1308d ago

By this logic, that means the movie is racist against white people as Hawkeye and Ant Man wasn't even in it at all!

Count_Bakula1308d ago

Waaaaaaaaaah. Shut the fuck up. Thanos fucks everyone up equally.

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