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Footage of Tom Hardy Transform Into Venom Leaked

"We.... are Venom!"

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thejigisup1318d ago

The look is growing on me

mahmoods261318d ago

This is gonna be bad. Again.

SamPao1317d ago

can't think of anything with tom hardy that could possibly look bad

-Foxtrot1317d ago

The crappy American accent and the fact he looks nothing like Eddie Brock is more then enough.

GrimDragon1317d ago

This movie is going to suck. Some characters just don’t translate well to screen. Venom is one of them.

Minute Man 7211317d ago

With the right tone it can work

-Foxtrot1317d ago

The problem here is they've made Eddie look like an innocent guy and it's the Symbioid that is making the criminal decisions when that's not the character at all.

Not to mention the Venom look came from both their anger and hatred towards Spiderman...a person who's not in the film and has never had the Symbioid on him.