Dunk On Josstice: 15 Snyder Vs. Whedon Memes

If you like dunking on the Josstice League, this is your time to shine! CBR showcases the best Zack Snyder versus Joss Whedon memes.

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360ICE178d ago

Well that was the absolute worst

SarcasticDuck178d ago

Zack Snyder directed MoS which is kinda boring and BvS which is a sh*t-fest, I don't understand why everyone wanted him to still direct DC movies.

Porcelain_Chicken178d ago

I’ll forever stand behind MoS as a good movie! It had its issues sure, but it was good! And Micheal Shannon had more screen presence than most superhero movie villains these days! Watchmen was good too! I do think it’s time to move be on from Snyder though, maybe get his input on how to make things look pretty lol