The Weekly Set Podcast Episode 152

This week, on The Weekly Set, TVEnthusiast's Will and Tyson talk about Legion season 2, and Lost in Space season 1. Lost in Space debuted strong, with the exception of an almost literal deus ex machina that seemed a bit much. Legion, on the other hand, continues to be delightful, weird, and delightfully weird, as we finally meet the monk, and learn the secret of the chattering teeth disease .

Next week, we continue our discussions of season 2 of Legion and season 1 of Lost in Space. That isn't all, however, as we finally begin our discussion of season 2 of Westworld.

The Weekly Set is TVEnthusiast’s weekly podcast. Every week, barring few exceptions, Will and Tyson gather to talk about what they have been watching, TV relevant news, and whatever else strikes their fancy.

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