Birth Movies Death | 'Wolfman's Got Nards' Review

Birth Movies Death

I remember everything about the first time I saw The Monster Squad.

I remember being excited when my mother announced we were going (I was huge into monsters at the time), I remember having a last-minute anxiety attack on the drive over (what if it was too scary??), I remember the theater where we saw the film (the long-since vanished Loews Chisholm in Plano, Texas), and I remember how drunk in love I was by the time the credits rolled. I didn't have much context for Fred Dekker's film - I'd seen only a few horror movies by that point, all of which were mild by comparison - but I knew I was crazy about it. Inspired, even: a few weeks later, I landed in hot water with my Sunday school teacher when I sketched Frankenstein after being invited to "draw a picture of Jesus".

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