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New Solo: A Star Wars Story Trailer

Lucasfilm has released another trailer for Solo: A Star Wars Story as the release date draws close.

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Garethvk1320d ago

It's looking pretty interesting. I think Ron Howard may have pulled this one out.

ninsigma1320d ago

Really wasn't excited after the pretty poor first trailer a while ago, but the last two trailers have me looking forward to it again.

Garethvk1320d ago

I think the key is to go in with an open mind. I am going to try not to compare him to Harrison and simply say ok how does it do in terms of action and entertainment.

ninsigma1320d ago

Agreed. I can see in trailer that there's quite a difference in the characters and such which could be quite jarring as we're used to them being a certain way but then we only knew Han when he was already fairly jaded and a lot more experienced. So I'm happy to see their take on a young Han solo and see if they can deliver an entertaining show.

Garethvk1320d ago

I think we will see Solo experience betrayal and loss and this is going to make him jaded. I would expect Woody may die and as such he has his Father Figure and mentor gone and that line about these people are not your friends is telling. I think by the time we meet him in Episode IV he has lost quite a bit and realizes that Chewie is the only one he can trust and as such he has a very cynical view of things.

PhantomS421320d ago

I'm worried this is going to turn out like Wonder Woman. A movie with great potential ultimately dragged down into mediocrity because the lead actor is terrible and everyone else is running circles around that actor. WW had a lot more problems too but certainly one of the biggest was poor lead casting.

Emme1319d ago

I wonder if it ends with Han meeting Jabba for the first time and Jabba putting his arm around Hans shoulder, going like " You're gonna have a bright future if You work for me..."