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Mark Hamill Doesn't Care About Star Wars Anymore

Mark Hamill Doesn't Care About Star Wars Anymore - In an interview with ABC, Luke Skywalker has expressed his displeasure with Star Wars and doesn't care to return.

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guywazeldatatt1327d ago

The way lucasfilm and Darth Kennedy has treated Hamill and Luke Skywalker is disgusting. I want him back but hell, I don't blame him at this point. They jerked him around so badly.

TheSuperiorGamer1327d ago

I liked his arc in TLJ, but losing Luke...that would be a huge blow. It will hurt box office revenue too. People came to see Luke in TLJ.

lifeistranger1327d ago

Episode IX needs Luke. At this point the ST is a lost cause.

The 10th Rider1326d ago

I think it's a lost cause just because of the clear lack of an overarching plot planned. The shift from The Force Awakens to The Last Jedi is jarring and with Abrams coming back to do Episode 9 I see him making more of a follow-up to TFA than TLJ, which will leave the trilogy feeling disjointed and incoherent.

Nodoze1327d ago (Edited 1327d ago )

Kathleen Kennedy and Disney are DESTROYING Star Wars. Rian Johnson basically pissed on the legacy in order to cowtow to the PC female empowerment mantra. He literally DESTROYED the legacy of Luke Skywalker. This entire 6+ film arc has been at it's core about the Skywalker family, and in large part Luke specifically. Rian turns him into a senile old hermit, who is more interested in pole fishing and milking space moose. Oh yeah and he is now a pshycopathic killer who tried to murder his nephew/blood relative while he was asleep. Disney is determined to destroy and emasculate any remaining male characters, and move females to all lead roles. Is it any coincidence we have 3 films under Disney's 'guidance'. All 3 feature female leads. The Star Wars Battlefront 2 game campaign (which is apparently canon now and everyone made a big deal about Lucasfilm being involved)...features a...wait for it...female lead character. It is all getting to be a bit much.

Let's see how Solo shapes up. Ron Howard is a very talented film maker, but it was not until very late stages that he was brought in.

I cannot blame Mark Hamill. Frankly after reading the script (and assuming he has enough money) I would have walked. Then what would Rian and Kathleen going to do? ...oh they probably would have digitally inserted and then quickly killed him off. Maybe a space moose not keen on being milked....or he would have fallen while fishing. Who knows.

Everyone hated on George, and he did do wrong, but man he would NEVER have done what Disney did to Luke.

-Foxtrot1327d ago

Worse part about Rian Johnson destroying SW with the Last Jedi was that Disney are still keeping him on for his own trilogy in the future.

They didn't get rid of him, I mean what the hell

guywazeldatatt1327d ago (Edited 1327d ago )

He didn't give a fuck what the plan for the trilogy was and destroyed it. like Luke is why people went to see TLJ. now there's really no reason to see IX except to see how it ends. All the original cast is gone. fuck it. Darth Kennedy is ruining Star Wars. Hand it over to the guy who did the Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels. He is AMAZING. That's the best part of Star Wars now.

MWH1327d ago

From a business point of view he is not the one to blame, it's the disney borad of a$$ holes. They are the ones who sign the contracts.

guywazeldatatt1327d ago (Edited 1327d ago )

George Lucas is an amazing storyteller. his thing is that his execution with the prequels were off, even though I love the prequels. But if they kept Lucas's story for the Sequel Trilogy and had others direct it it would be masterful. Fuck disney. they are destroying star wars. I am not even interested in the Obi Wan film I've wanted for so long.

lol someone downvoted you?

Also it's not Kathleen Kennedy. It's Darth Kennedy.

Kostche1327d ago

what do you expect form pedophile disney

guywazeldatatt1326d ago

just curious how are they pedophile?

windblowsagain1327d ago

I've never cared about starwars. Just a film.

But easily the best actor in any of them is Harrison Ford.

Muadiib1326d ago

Alec Guinness was the better actor.

SuicidalTendencies1326d ago

Umm...Alec Guinness? Peter Cushing? Christopher Lee? Liam Neeson?

guywazeldatatt1326d ago

there are too many amazing actors to count. Natalie Portman just didn't care. Hayden overcompensated and is a good actor, just horrible direction. but whatever. SW has had some incredible actors. Who cares to say who is the better actor. I still think regardless of who is better, with what Mark was given, he did a better job than Harrison. Carrie was okay but they didn't give her anything meaty. They would have in IX I suppose, but now that's over. It's disgusting.

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