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Why Iron Man Needs To Die In Avengers: Infinity War

Sorry, Iron Man stans, but the truth hurts. Your boy Tony Stark needs to die in Avengers: Infinity War, not Captain America.

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ion666193d ago

Spoiler alert! They all die fools!

Porcelain_Chicken193d ago

I doubt they’ll kill him, he’s just too big of a presence in the MCU. So many iconic stories they’d be missing out on! I feel like somebody will definitely die here. The Vision or Hawkeye are possible contenders. Maybe Nick Fury might finally actually bite the bullet for reals this time lol!

PhantomS42193d ago

I see them killing off Cap. passing the torch to Bucky. Like you said RDJ has been a huge presence in the MCU so I can see them going the Ironheart story once the Infinity movies are done where he is an AI and a mentor. Valkyrie may become Lady Thor since Jane is gone. I agree that Vision or Hawkeye may go and Fury since he has been MIA since Age of Ultron. Anyway, they go it will be interesting on what they do going forward and undoubtedly nothing they do will be good enough for stuck up internet brats.

Porcelain_Chicken193d ago

Agreed!! Although I must be honest, I feel like Cap dying is just as unlikely as Iron man. While Captain America isn't as big of a presence he is definitely somewhere right under Iron man. His movies so far have been some of the best without a doubt! I feel like killing either or would be wrong! To me, Cap and Iron man are the faces of the MCU >_< And of Marvel as a whole if I'm being honest. Like Batman and Superman are for DC. I just can't see them killing them off. I love Bucky but he's no Steve. But I'll trust them to know what they are doing!

SarcasticDuck193d ago

Cap. should pass the torch to Falcon.

DarkZane193d ago

If Captain America dies, it's not in this movie, it's in the one who will be released in 2019. Chris Evans said Avengers 4 (2019) was his last movie in the MCU. Pretty sure he will get replaced by Bucky, who will now be Captain America.

boing1193d ago

He will die. He had a vision in age of ultron. All heroes dead with cap saying 'you could have saved us'.

SarcasticDuck193d ago

spoiler alert, Justice League will show up to save the day!