In Defense Of: “Terminator Genisys” (2015)

We Got This Covered comes to the defense of Alan Taylor's critically derided sic-fi action reboot, Terminator Genisys. Was it really that bad?

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TheHip141652d ago

Didn't love it but it wasn't horrible

alexgibson1652d ago

Hah, my brother enjoyed this one! Loving this series. Good work.

SpringHeeledJack1651d ago

Horrible. T-800 turned into a comedy act. Never got his mannerism right either. The acting was just bad all around. Story was stupid and arnie turning into a liquid metal Terminator at the end was just stupid.

Nitrowolf21651d ago

Yep, for me Terminator ended at 2 just like a lot of other people.

And I'll be honest I didn't think salvation was too bad it just had to do a stupid side plot

TricksterArrow1651d ago

1 was good. 2 was great. 3 is bad. 4 is boring AF. 5 is popcorn fun. Don't know why Jurassic World is allowed to be dumb and get praised for it, but T: Genisys gets so much hate for being the equivalent to the Terminator franchise.

Only real tragedy in this movie was that the only plot twist that would be remotely interesting was spoiled in the trailers and not enough time was dedicated to it.

Harkins17211651d ago

Disagree. Was quite enjoyable.

FlyingFoxy1651d ago

Not seen a couple of the newer ones, however i do feel T3 gets too much hate. I think it's rather enjoyable with a lot of action scenes.