Cameron Monaghan’s Joker Puts Leto's To Shame

According to new set photos that have recently hit the internet, Gotham will finally reveal Jerome as Joker.

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CobraKai575d ago

Performance wise, that’s a given as Leto was the worst. Look wise he’d be solid if, oh I dunno, THEY GAVE HIM A FRICKIN SMILE!!! What’s with Hollywood being afraid of making the Clown Prince of Crime an actual clown?

Nicaragua575d ago

I think its because The Joker was never an actual clown... derp

CobraKai574d ago

Got it. I forget, to kids millennials, he’s just the Regular Prince of Crime. No mallets, no acid squirting orchids, no gaudy purple and green get up, no clownish features, no bad jand tasteless jokes, no sadistic sense of humor. I guess that’s the joke. Derp indeed.

Porcelain_Chicken574d ago

What are you talking about?!? He smiles plenty in the show. He's spent damn near every second of his on-screen antics smiling

CobraKai574d ago

I don’t mean physical smiling, I get that, and his smile has that dark sadistic tone that Leto tried desperately to have. I mean make up wise. A couple of Caesar Romero style points on the edge of his lips wouldn’t hurt. I get they’re trying to possibly mimic Joker’s early appearances, but he was almost always shown with a large creepy grin. I guess after Leto, I was hoping for more than red lipstick

Porcelain_Chicken574d ago

Ah alright I see what you’re saying. Personally I prefer the smile to come more from the actor than the make-up! Cameron here has a fairly sinister smile, that with minimal make-up works best in my opinion. While people like Cesar Romero and Heath Ledger needed more help from their make-up to get that darker vibe going! While you’re right, he always had a big grin, it was never the make-up, but his own face.

I would have loved for them to go really crazy with Leto’s smile. Maybe add a bit of cgi to enlarge his grin a bit more. Make it look almost, not human if you get what I mean lol. For me his Joker was just too subtle. I didn’t hate it, it just didn’t leave a huge impression

GrimDragon574d ago

He looks like an 80s new wave singer. The lipstick has to go.

574d ago