The Matrix Is Returning, And It's Probably A Bad Idea

There have been several rumours regarding a possible Matrix reboot over the years. Now, writer Zak Penn has opened up about the details.

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level 360211d ago

The great thing about the Matrix was the myth behind the story and now that's been revealed and Neo has passed away, the story ended.

GrimDragon211d ago

That story ended. But according to the last meeting between Oracle and the architect it is a game they play against each other for eternity. So a new matrix is plausible but without the wachowski brothers and fight choreographer woo ping the movie could risk being disastrous. This director is already considering Michael b Jordan as a young morpheus big mistake. Poor actor.

Newmanator211d ago

Agreed, his acting in Black Panther was super cheesy.

Dynisty211d ago

I loved Michael B. Jordan in Black Panther. He was amazing.

subtenko211d ago

Oh NO. Automatic red flag. FTS im out! The whole movie is gonna be a bunch of cherry picked scenes actors to accommodate and diversify and "to have one of these" because (insert trends here) FTS, what about the dang script and story first, stop cluttering and wiping away the potential a movie with all this bs.

This movie revamp is done now, its finished, I can tell it already its gonna be a pile of trash.

2pacalypsenow211d ago

Whatever Bullshit reboot they make, I'm glad we have the original trilogy.

subtenko211d ago

Its gonna be like the reboot of reboot, just trash!

SpringHeeledJack211d ago

I doubt they can capture the hidden meanings and veiled truths that the Wachoski brothers brought to the film. It's just going to a be a generic war and battle action scenes. Leave this franchise alone, it's a classic that should be runied by further films, it's not even 20 years old jeez.