'Justice League' Finishes Theatrical Run as Lowest-Grossing DCEU Movie

It's official: Justice League is the lowest grossing movie out of the five films in the DC Extended Universe.

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-Foxtrot308d ago

That's sad man...don't you think at this point they'd stop announcing out the blue spin offs and just reboot after Aquaman and Shazam.

franwex307d ago

So it was a loss of about $70 million? More or less? Maybe they’ll make it up in the home video and merchandise. I doubt it’s the end of the world for them. Considering all the problems they encountered while making it; how can they not anticipate a loss? They have a long term strategy (I hope) so they may succeed.

masterfox307d ago

Most DC movies are horribly directed, Justice league comes 2nd worst movie and the worst of all I think is Suicide squad, for the new era of DC probably that one that can be rescued is Man of Steel and this is because mostly of the villain Michael Shannon cause it add a bit of originality to the film.

X-Alchemist307d ago

DC movies have always been trash every since Nolan finished his trilogy. They have so much money yet they perpetually hire writers and directors who turn everything they touch into shite.

They also need a new production team. The writing is shite but what makes it so hard to watch is the pacing. The the cuts are so jarring and out of place. Plus this film had a pretty shaky foundation, all of the previous films were mostly trash and you can’t build a house on trash.

They seriously need to change their strategy, Justice League was a huge rush job which could have been so much better. Reboot everything, fire Snyder, hire Alex Garland or something (he’s original) and stop what seems to be this endless cycle of diarrhoea.

mafiahajeri307d ago

Took the words right out of my mouth, every DC fanboy says this movie still performed well.

Considering how huge the license is they missed a huge opportunity with those poor numbers...