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Academy Awards 2018- The Results!

The biggest winner of the night was The Shape of Water, with four Oscars for Best Picture, Best Director, Best Production Design and Best Original Score, followed by Dunkirk with three Oscars for Best Film Editing, Best Sound Mixing and Best Sound Editing. As usual, the Oscars ceremony lasted more than 3.5 hours in what was a largely pedestrian if sometimes awkwardly amusing affair hosted by Jimmy Kimmel.

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strayanalog1847d ago

All in all, it wasn't a bad evening, especially happy for Roger Deakins. About time! I just didn't agree with the Best Picture or Original Screenplay winners.
Three Billboards or Phantom Thread (no way it was going to win) were better pictures than Shape of Water, at least in my opinion.
I felt that Shape overplayed its hand by not having any ambiguity to it, which held it back from being a masterpiece like Pan's Labyrinth or The Devil's Backbone. We didn't need "that scene" to overstep a, what could have been, more innocent love story. Overall, it's still a good movie, but a safe pick. And one of, what.. only two or three fantasy films to win Best Picture in 90 years?‎
Moving on to the Original Screenplay award that Get Out managed to get is just mind-blowing. Why? Did the Academy forget every film made in the last thirty years? The Shape of Water and Three Billboards were both more original.‎