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Is A Crow Remake Really Necessary?

The Crow, a much loved cult film starring Brandon Lee (only son of kung fu legend Bruce), is being remade, much to the horror of the movie's die-hard fans.

Based on James O'Barr's cult comic book of the same name, The Crow was only 8 days into shooting when Lee was killed in a stunt gun mishap. Director Alex Proyas, along with the cast and crew were able to finish the film with a script re-write, heroic efforts by Lee's stunt double, Chad Stahelski and the clever utilization of existing footage with CGI effects. It was finally released in 1994 as a tribute to Lee, and has made many a fave film critics list since then.

Now, a new, completely revamped version is in pre-production with release dates in 2019. Set to be directed by English filmmaker Corin Hardy (The Hallow), there is speculation that the vehicle will star Jason Momoa of Stargate Atlantis and Game of Thrones fame. Rumored to be a more faithful (as in darker) adaptation of O'Barr's comic, the film has been in development for more than a decade.

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strayanalog1000d ago

Nope it's not, and usually never is no matter the movie.

Count_Bakula999d ago

Don't see him as Draven at all. Loved the way Lee spoke. Yet another studio misfire.

BuildTheWall999d ago

There were multiple people brought back in the comic series including at least one female.

fastNslowww999d ago

I think he'll do well, he looks the part, especially the eyes.

castdreams999d ago

Nope nope nope nope nope nope nope

DangerousDAN999d ago

After the crap sequels they made, maybe it is necessary. They can remake it a thousand, the original is still The OG. I just doubt they can pull off as good of a look that Lee had for that character.

woodtock999d ago

Hollywood is running out of original ideas for making a franchise......

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