A New RoboCop Sequel That Ignores the Remake Is In the Works

Ed Neumeier has revealed that he is working on a collaboration project with MGM, on developing a direct Robocop sequel that also ignores the other sequels in the series.

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ZombieGamerMan237d ago

I am for this, ignore Robocop 3. I would love to see them bring back Peter Weller return for the role and that it takes place 30 years later with a new old, dated, and obsolete Robocop having to deal with a world that has changed and technology has evolved and a new breed of top of the line Robotic police that are devoid of any humanity

big_dom_returns237d ago

So, you've just basically described Robocop 2 in a nutshell. No thanks.

Deadpoolio237d ago

LMFAO yeah that ain't gonna happen, there is a negative Pi chance they even consider bringing back the extremely old Peter Weller. I highly doubt even the extremely old Peter Weller would consider it, when he talks about how much he hated the 10hrs it took to put the suit on, and how Robocop 2 was the worst experience of his life.....Not to mention you just flat out described the Robocop 2 plot

Retroman237d ago

long as it's not that black crapfest suit i'm with it.

ion666237d ago

keep the original suit!!!

237d ago