Natalie Portman Taps to Defend Star Wars Prequels

Neocrisis - We suggest that you do not speak negatively about either the Star Wars prequels or Jar Jar Binks.

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thorstein560d ago

The sad thing is that Natalie Portman and Ewan MacGregor were great. The story, directing, visual effects, both Anakin's and everything to do with them sucked.

I will never get over the Youtube video at the first viewing (all the producers and George Lucas) and their reactions at what a clusterfuck it all is.

jazzking2001559d ago

I think that Anakin was one of the weakest characters in all of Starwars.

ninsigma559d ago

Movie wise yes. Terribly acted and terribly written. The clone wars cartoon depicts Anak in far better and makes him a very likeable character. So it annoys me to think if how badly he was portrayed in the movies.

jazzking2001559d ago

ninsigma - i totally forgot about Clone Wars cartoon. Anakin is 110x better than the movies.

StarWarsFan560d ago

The prequels aren't as bad as they like to always bring up. It's like everyone decided to follow that opinion and made it consensus. Episode I was mind-blowing in 1999. I don't think people appreciate the visuals for the time enough. I also don't remember many people complaining about the movie when it came out. Everyone I knew loved Jar Jar Binks.

SamPao560d ago

jup. and I still love them.

plmkoh560d ago (Edited 560d ago )

Look they certainly aren't great as the originals, but they really didn't have to be. We still got iconic designs, new story, no recycling of content and most of all memorable characters.

Get some perspective and compare them to the Disney new that is a atrocious. Prequels weren't that bad.

Prince-Ali560d ago

totally an unbiased opinion from a person called "StarWarsFan"... if you dont see a problem with Jar Jar Binks then you very much have your head faar tooooo up this franchises ass lool... these movies had VERY real problems... there were some good performances but certianly these movies wer MEDIOCRE at BEST!
I think people need to wake up and finall come to the conclusion that AS A FILM FRANCHISE, Star wars is plain and simply a bad movie franchise looool

jazzking2001559d ago

these 3 movies were MEH at best. I do not really recall what happens anymore.

StarWarsFan559d ago

Yes, "mediocre at best" still aren't the outright disasters critics like to hammer in. And not seeing a problem with Jar Jar Binks is an unbiased opinion because I'd say most of the die-hard Star Wars fans are quick to hate on Jar Jar Binks. And frankly, I don't know why you're commenting on this thread if you think Star Wars in general is a bad franchise. This article specifically refers to the prequel trilogy, so if you don't like the franchise as a whole, you really have nothing of value to add to this discussion.

jazzking2001559d ago

I myself do not know anyone who hates Jar Jar.

thorstein557d ago

A New Hope was released in 1977. That was mind blowing. In 1999, the visual effects/ green screen was terrible. There were so, so many problems:
1, All technology in the galaxy regressed from Anakin's birth to the coming of age of his children?
2. All technology was indescribably scratch and dent and dirt free?
3. R2D2 could fly and C3PO was made by Darth Vader?
4. 2 years later LOTR crushes everything Lucas did.
5. The Matrix released in 99
6. Galaxy Quest released in 99. It might just be a better movie.
7. Toy Story 2, you know years after Toy Story 1 which is a better movie and considering both are CGI, Toy Story blows it out of the water.
8. Stuart Little had better effects. also 99
9. The Mummy came out in 99 and was better acted, better directed, better effects.

So, no. It was barely "mind blowing" it wasn't even a breeze.

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Minute Man 721560d ago

This entire franchise belongs in the 70s

CobraKai560d ago

I looooved the prequels. I never cared for Star Wars and then bam, Lucas opened my eyes. Episode 1 is definitely my favorite Star Wars movie out of the 8.

goldwyncq559d ago

Still better than the sequels...

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