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Butthurt DC Fanboys Call For People To Boycott Mission Impossible

DC fans are mighty upset again. Some fans are voicing their frustrations and calling on others to boycott Mission Impossible.

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Aldous_Snow1130d ago

Lmfao pathetic basement dwellers

DillyDilly1130d ago

First they wanna rig the Black Panther audience score on RT now this whats next ?

Averyashimself1130d ago

I don't care about the CG. I didn't even really notice it to be honest.

PhantomS421129d ago

MI6 didn't ruin Justice League, Zack Snyder not knowing anything about the characters and WB not telling him NO after Man of Steel and BVS bombed is why Justice League was awful. What is there excuse for all the other DC movies being terrible?

Inzo1129d ago

Uuuummmmm, Man of Steel didnt bomb and neither did BvS, they were actually extremely successful.

"What is there excuse for all the other DC movies being terrible?"

WW was great and let us not forget that The Dark Knight is arguably the greatest Superhero movie ever. Also Marvel had a few howlers of their own over the years like both Hulk movies, all three Fantastic Four movies, Spider Man3, The Amazing Spider Man 2, Wolverine Origins, Thor: The Dark World, the list goes on.

mafiahajeri1129d ago (Edited 1129d ago )

Extremely successful my ass, you're deluded if you think it met DCs projections.

Yeah it was successful, but was it as successful as it could have been? Absouletly not. It's like saying someone was successful for passing a class by getting a D.

A lot of their profit came from the fact it's BvS, where even the most casual people got involved with the hypetrain...

Hardly any of those movies had the high stakes JL and BvS had so don't give me that BS...

JL and BvS were DCs answers to The Avengers, and they failed, oh so badly...

The only one in the list that comes to mind as huge is Spiderman 3, which grossed more then JL, BvS and WW. It came out in 2007...

The Dark Knight is the best superhero movie because of Christopher Nolan, good luck in getting anyone as talented as him to direct another Batman movie after JL and BvS...

Lol who would have ever thought Spiderman 3 would out gross BvS, the movie with the most hype in recent years...

DC needs to admit defeat and scrap this whole universe...

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