The Internet Is Quite Upset About The 2018 Oscar Nominations

Each year, however, there's are Oscar nominations and snubs that truly baffle movie masses. This year includes the exclusion of Wonder Woman and James Franco.

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bluefox755922d ago

Gotta meet those diversity quotas.

-Foxtrot922d ago (Edited 922d ago )

A problem which started back when Will Smith and the like started to bang on about the lack of black nominations and how it's turned to women

We'll always be asking ourselves now "Did they really deserve to be nominated OR are they reacting to what's been going on in the industry"

Gaming4Life1981922d ago

The Oscar's has been a joke for years now.

Muadiib922d ago

The Oscar's have always been a joke, but WW was a mediocre movie at best, in what world does that deserve any kind of award?

s45gr32922d ago

In the political correct world lol

strayanalog922d ago

The internet is always upset, but this year's nominees aren't that great, so they definitely have reason.
Hands down, Blade Runner 2049 deserved more recognition than it got, as did A Ghost Story, and James Franco.‎

I'm happy The Shape of Water made it, but wondering just as hard as to why the pretentious Stepford Wives rip off, Get Out, made the cut. Boss Baby is also just as baffling, especially when all I've heard is negative about it all year. This feels like a step back for the Academy, reminiscent of the Golden Globe's nomination of The Tourist years back.‎

s45gr32922d ago

When it comes to animation I can't think of any good animated film. The last one that hopefully got Oscar awarded was Zootopia.

s45gr32922d ago

Oh boy sjws are pissed right now because Wonder Woman did not get any recognitions. I am glad that Blade Runner 2049 got nominated for the Academy Awards. Surprised that the main character of Blade Runner 2049 did not get nominated for best actor. He was pretty good.

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