The Weekly Set Podcast Episode 141

This week, on The Weekly Set podcast, TVEnthusiast's Will and Tyson tackle episodes 2 of season 4 of Peaky Blinders, season 3 of The Magicians, and season 4 of Black Mirror. The game is on in Peaky Blinders, as Tommy meets his match in a leader of the New York mafia. On The Magicians, Eliot finds the first key in the quest, as Kady claims Mayakovsky's last remaining magic battery. Lastly, this week's Black Mirror, titled Arkangel, tells a cautionary tale about an overbearing mother.

Next week (and for the several more weeks to come) we will be continuing our discussions of Black Mirror, Peaky Blinders, and The Magicians.

The Weekly Set is TVEnthusiast’s weekly podcast. Every week, barring few exceptions, Will and Tyson gather to talk about what they have been watching, TV relevant news, and whatever else strikes their fancy.

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