Tomb Raider's Newest Trailer Will Set You On Complete Fire

We knew that a Tomb Raider movie was in development right? Well, I don’t remember sharing that news here, but, you know… you might have heard of it. Just a few minutes back, Warner Bros. UK dropped this dope-ass trailer for the upcoming Tomb Raider movie. Have a look –

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-Foxtrot271d ago

Why change these story points from the game, I mean seriously it seems like it was done for the sake of it. They are doing what other video game film trailers have done where they show all the moments in the film which look straight out of the game but when you watch it it comes more across like they just saw a trailer of the game and picked some cool set pieces out to make people believe it's game accurate.

Like her father being the reason she decided to find the Island

Before going to the Island she's stocking up on weapons and the like by going to Nick Frosts character who seems to be her gun guy, getting the dual pistols before heading out.

The fact she looks like a bad ass before even reaching the Island where her transformation into Lara Croft we know from this reboot came from her experiences she had to go through on the Island.

The group on the Island lead by Mathias don't seem trapped but more like a slave labour camp ran by mercenaries

Mathias coming more across like a dictator then the insane religious nut job...Father Mathias

No Roth, Dr Whitman, Alex, Reyes, Jonah...hell Sam, you know the person Mathias kidnaps because he believes the only way to escape the Island is by transferring Himiko's soul into Sams body.

Deadpoolio271d ago

Cause its hard to grasp that they aren't just telling the story of the game.....Why morons constantly cry about how movie should follow the exact story of a game is just beyond me. IF I personally wanted to hear the exact story of the game, guess what.....I'd play the game......It's been beyond clear for quite a while that they weren't interested in rehashing the story of the Tomb Raider:Uncharted edition reboot....

-Foxtrot270d ago

First of all...nice..."morons" ;, how mature

Secondly maybe it's because we've had so many video game films which stray AWAY from the source material and end up being shit. What's so wrong for once to go towards it as much as they can?

Seriously novels can do it...Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings stuck to the books as closely as they could get away with and the only things they really changed was stuff which needed condensing down or stuff which was only added to the book to make the book longer.

Porcelain_Chicken270d ago (Edited 270d ago )

I agreed wholeheartedly xD It’s rare when we agree Fox. Personally I don’t mind change if it makes something better or stronger when translated to the film. But like you said, making her into a bonifide badass femme fatale instead of working her up to that is completely against who the character is suppose to be. It removes so much character development for the sake of more action which I feel makes her a bit generic. Lara being a badass wasn’t the selling point of TR, the journey of her becoming badass from just a normal gal was. This is gonna be a (possibly fun) popcorn flick you watch once and forget a week later, sadly you can tell pretty quickly with all of these video game movies.

Still I’ll keep an open mind and give it a fair shot, I love Alicia!

StarWarsFan271d ago

I rather have seen Angelina Jolie reprise her role as Tomb Raider or no movie at all. I'm not feeling this Lara Croft.

level 360271d ago

Looks mostly average, am not feeling any positive vibes about this trailer.

MegamanXXX270d ago

This movie is going to flop

zerocarnage270d ago

Film looks amazing to me, Alicia colander looks like she's really done a good job and I'd much rather have her as Lara than Angelina Joliet, pretty much just how I'd prefer Lara to be strong and athletic over having a babestation body that looks like she were ready for the porn set.

I've played the games on Xbox and I loved them, now anyone can see that they have done a marvellous job on locations from the game as well as all the special effects.

Looking at what Lara goes through in the game to me from a clue of mind of film footage already tells me she is going to go through it during the film as well and that is why I disagree with -foxtrot's comments below. Not to mention the video game itself has hours of footage, days if not weeks of gamplay depending on time you put into it and it can not possibly be transfered to film on that scale because the video game is far to long and they would have to do the first film in multiple parts like a trilogy.

Now to me it looks like they have done the best possible job they can at getting this film as close to the game as they can. We all knew that it is impossible to completely get a film to be a perfect clone to its video game. Some scenes do have to be changed in a film, Maybe it just doesn't work when doing it onset like it did in the game and I'm totally fine with that.

I could understand if this was another resident evil type bitching, where we all know the main characters who should be leading but instead get an Alice that is only briefly mentioned in the game, yet who somehow is played by Mila jovovavich who is somehow managed to creep in there, who is somehow married to the director of resident evil, sound like some conspiracy doesn't it. Yes I could understand a resident evil bitching if they were to make those films again and not follow the story's of the games this time round and although Mila somehow squirmed her way into the franchise I still really enjoyed the films on an action level and because there were some gorgeous actresses in resistance evil franchise but I will always say they need to be done properly.

My advice is, watch it, enjoy it then comment on it afterwards because we can all sit here and chat about it all we want, but reality is not one of us know how the film is going to be because we havnt seen it yet despite it being done from the game.

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