‘Black Lightning’ Boss Salim Akil on Race and Facing a “Diseased System”


Black Lightning showrunner Salim Akil spoke about his influences in creating this TV incarnation of the superhero, and the role that race plays in the story

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StarWarsFan277d ago

I watched the pilot. I kind of feel it was pandering to black audiences.

Anzil277d ago

I was a little for sure but it was really well done and has good morals.

thekhurg276d ago

It's modern day anti-white racism on TV. It was pathetic.

StarWarsFan271d ago

Yeah, but they really tried to throw everything in there to the point I'm surprised slavery wasn't also included. And of course, the police are all bad people in the pilot. I was excited to see the show beforehand, but I don't even quite understand the setting. It's like this neighborhood that has the entire socio-economic spectrum in it, from gangsters to upper middle class, somehow all mingling together.